Chronicles From The Future: The amazing story of Paul Amadeus Dienach (English Edition)

編集 Achilleas Sirigos

In 1921, Paul Amadeus Dienach, a Swiss-Austrian teacher with fragile health, falls into a one-year-long coma, suffering from “Encephalitis Lethargica”, an epidemic neurological disease that struck Europe in the 1920's. When Dienach awakens, knowing that he doesn't have much time left and hoping that a mild climate would improve his condition, he moves to Greece, where he starts teaching French and German language lessons.

After two years, a few months before he dies, he hands his personal diary to his favorite student, George Papachatzis, later prominent Professor of Law and Rector of Panteion University of Greece, without telling him what the notes are.

As Papachatzis progresses with translations, he discovers his teacher’s amazing story: during the one-year-long coma, Dienach’s consciousness had inexplicably slid to the year 3906 A.D. and entered the body of another man!

Dienach records the mankind’s history in the forthcoming centuries - from the nightmare of overpopulation and World Wars up until the world-changing globalization, the radical new administration system, the colony on Mars and the next human evolutionary stage!

By the end of World War II, the translated diary circulates only as hidden knowledge amongst high ranking masons in the lodges of Athens. In 1972, Professor Papachatzis, despite an intense dispute, decides to publish Dienach’s diary in Greek. The Greek Church protests against the content and soon Papachatzis is threatened with social exclusion.

Paul Dienach was not an author, poet, or professional writer. Rather, he was an ordinary man who kept a journal, never with the expectation that it would be published. Today, nearly a century since it was written, this unique and controversial diary, a universal legacy, is carefully edited, translated and available to everyone.

This is not a science fiction novel. It was not written with the expectation to be published and does not stand for its literary merit.

This is the diary of an ordinary man, who witnessed the history of our future!