Kawasaki Snow Mobiles (Wii) by DDI [並行輸入品]

価格: (税込)
プラットフォーム: Nintendo Wii
カテゴリ:Video Game

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Officially recreated under license, Snow Mobiles offers a sheer level of playability that allows players to easily get into the roll of things. Players can utilises the Wii control system allowing both precision and easy movement;Tilt the Wii Remote forward to tuck yourself in, making your driver more aerodynamic, increasing his or her speed at the expense of maneuverability;Turn the Wii remote to lean to the edge the snow mobile to keep yourself on track around tight bends;Snow Mobiles also features a Stunt Mode which builds a strong basis for game play. Master you trick combos or choose any of the vigorous challenges that await in the Championship mode. Improve you track knowledge in Time Trial and of course play against friends in the all out mayhem multiplayer mode.