French Short Stories for Beginners + French Audio: Improve Your reading And Listening Skills In French With Easy French stories (French Edition)

イラスト Charlotte Chae
Develop your French listening skills, expand your French vocabulary, and improve your French pronunciation with French Short Stories for Beginners.

Inside French Short Stories for Beginners you’ll find: 

Easy French stories targeted at beginners: Simple (but not boring) stories written with the most useful French grammar structures and common French vocabulary.

✔ French audio material: Improve your listening comprehension with the two versions of the audio. One version is recorded at a normal speed and one at a slower pace.

Get good at French pronunciation: Follow the narrator’s speech and mimic the correct pronunciation

Challenge yourself with the two versions of the text: One version has a glossary between each paragraph. But if you aren’t confident enough for that yet, start by reading the dual  French and English translation and use it as a French-English parallel text.

Assess your comprehension of each story: Do the quiz at the end of each one.

Revise your vocabulary with the glossary: Ideal if you like to memorize the vocabulary as a flashcard.

With this book and accompanying audio, you can start improving your French today!