Building the Intentional University: Minerva and the Future of Higher Education (The MIT Press) (English Edition)

編集 Stephen M. Kosslyn , 寄稿 Stephen M. Kosslyn , 編集 Ben Nelson , 寄稿 Ben Nelson , はしがき Bob Kerrey , 寄稿 Joshua Fost , 寄稿 Judith Brown , 寄稿 Kara Gardner , 寄稿 Daniel J. Levitin , 寄稿 John Levitt , 寄稿 Rena Levitt , 寄稿 Richard Holman , 寄稿 Eric Bonabeau , 寄稿 Vicki Chandler , 寄稿 Megan Gahl , 寄稿 James Genone , 寄稿 Ian Van Buskirk , 寄稿 Robin Goldberg , 寄稿 Teri Cannon , 寄稿 Ari Bader-Natal , 寄稿 Jonathan Katzman , 寄稿 Matt Regan , 寄稿 Ayo Seligman , 寄稿 Kenn Ross , 寄稿 Neagheen Homaifar , 寄稿 Norian Caporale-Berkowitz , 寄稿 James Lyda , 寄稿 Z. Mike Wang , 寄稿 Sultanna Krispil , 寄稿 Anne Kauth

How to rebuild higher education from the ground up for the twenty-first century.

Higher education is in crisis. It is too expensive, ineffective, and impractical for many of the world's students. But how would you reinvent it for the twenty-first century—how would you build it from the ground up? Many have speculated about changing higher education, but Minerva has actually created a new kind of university program. Its founders raised the funding, assembled the team, devised the curriculum and pedagogy, recruited the students, hired the faculty, and implemented a bold vision of a new and improved higher education. This book explains that vision and how it is being realized.

The Minerva curriculum focuses on “practical knowledge” (knowledge students can use to adapt to a changing world); its pedagogy is based on scientific research on learning; it uses a novel technology platform to deliver small seminars in real time; and it offers a hybrid residential model where students live together, rotating through seven cities around the world. Minerva equips students with the cognitive tools they need to succeed in the world after graduation, building the core competencies of critical thinking, creative thinking, effective communication, and effective interaction. The book offers readers both the story of this grand and sweeping idea and a blueprint for transforming higher education.