Agreements, Forms and Checklists for Risk Managers: A Companion to Legal Risk Management for In-House Counsel and Managers (English Edition)

In todays business environment, companies either properly manage the complex world of legal and corporate risk or suffer the consequences. The wrong decision can kill a companybut how can those responsible for risk management keep on top of company needs?

In this guide, author Bryan E. Hopkins discusses the numerous areas of legal and corporate risk that managers and their company counsels face. Hopkins provides agreements, forms and checklists needed to implement a sound legal risk management program and mitigate, shift and prevent legal and corporate risk through careful management. Managers and practitioners will also find practical and detailed information on how to identify legal risk and use legal and corporate risk management contracts and checklists.

Written by an international lawyer and corporate counsel with decades of experience in risk management, Agreements, Forms and Checklists for Risk Managers seeks to help you deal with processes and procedures needed to protect any organization in todays complex and hostile business environment.