HUGE SPORTS ラッシュガード 長袖 メンズ 【UPF50+ UVカット加工済】

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Not Only the Fabric

An excellent rash guard requires high performance fabric and the most stable ratio of material composition. Nylon (polyamide) enables the rash guard to dry fast and to have low moisture abosorbency which reduce resistance. Nylon has great strength and good drapeability. It is abrasion resistant and it also greatly prevents shrinkage. Spandex(elastane) is more durable than rubber, soft, and lightweight with very great elasticity that it provides compression and could be stretched 500% without breaking and deformation

A Product is Only Expensive When the Product is not Good Enough

HUGE SPORTS considers variety of process to manufacture our product because they are worth for the time, the price, and the reputation. We focuse in continuous research to gradually improve for the best product to not only satisfy the needs of our customer but also to strive for practicability with aesthetics . HUGE SPORTS offers products to equip our cutomer with competitiveness, strength, and confidence.

Originality and Quality Control

HUGE SPORTS' products are designed, manufactured, and shipped from its original factory and company. All the accessories, logos, printings, fabrics, and sewing are under strict supervision from HUGE SPORTS' supply chain to ensure the quality and guarantees the safety of the products, and there is no compromise with quality issues.