20TH CENTURY RECORDS S [12 inch Analog]

定価:¥ 5,915
マーケットプレイス価格:¥ 4,446 (税込)

カテゴリ:LP Record
Amazon.co.jp 売上ランキング:音楽で671738位

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Disc : 1
  1. Love’s Theme (Side A)
  2. Sweet Moments (Side A)
  3. Rhapsody In White (Side A)
  4. Barry's Theme (Side A)
  5. Theme From Together Brothers (Side A)
  6. Find The Man Bros. (Side A)
  7. Baby Blues (Side B)
  8. What A Groove (Side B)
  9. Satin Soul (Side B)
  10. Just Living It Up (Side B)
  11. Always Thinking Of You (Side B)
  12. Forever In Love (Side B)
  13. Only You Can Make Me Blue (Side B)
Disc : 2
  1. Midnight Groove (Side A)
  2. It's Only What I Feel (Side A)
  3. My Suite Summer Suite (Side A)
  4. Theme From King Kong (Part 1) (Side A)
  5. Theme From King Kong (Part 2) (Side A)
  6. Brazilian Love Song (Side B)
  7. Hey Look At Me, I’m In Love (Side B)
  8. Whisper Softly (Side B)
  9. Don’t You Know How Much I Love You (Side B)
  10. Theme From “Shaft” (Side B)
  11. Theme From “Superman” (Side B)
Disc : 3
  1. My Suite Summer Suite (Disco Version) (Side A)
  2. Theme From King Kong (Disco Version) (Side A)
  3. Blues Concerto (Side A)
  4. Brazilian Love Song (Disco Version) (Side A)
  5. Don’t You Know How Much I Love You (Disco Version) (Side B)
  6. Hey Look At Me, I’m In Love (Disco Version) (Side B)
  7. Theme From “Shaft” (Disco Version) (Side B)
  8. Theme From “Superman” (Disco Version) (Side B)