Dietary Fiber: Essential To The Human Microbiome and Health (English Edition)

This book explains the importance of dietary fiber to the microbiome and your health. The microbiome is critical to your health yet we starve it by not eating the minimum daily requirement of mixed dietary fibers, poison it with preservatives, pesticides, glyphosate and antibiotics contained in our foods.

The microbiome is critical to our immune systems, general health, hormonal system and the way we think. It directly affects our brains and it's imbalance is a suspect in some mental diseases as well as several degenerative diseases. The microbiome is not well understood and will be the low hanging fruit in medical research for the next 50 to 100 years. There is even a new field of study concerning the interaction of the brain and gt/microbiome, Neurogastroenterology.

This is the first book in a series on Dietary Fiber. The second book is titled: "Microbiome Me".