The Fantastic Fig: Fruits, Vegetables, and Shapes in English, Spanish, Chinese & Korean (English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean Multilingual Edition, Simplified ... Chinese Version Book 2) (English Edition)


From triangular watermelon wedges to six-sided pomegranates, The Fantastic Fig introduces your kids to basic shapes through a collection of illustrated fruits & vegetables.

Great for all Ages: This imaginative picture book covers foods ranging from ordinary oranges to exotic star fruit. Every page features fun artwork and helpful translations in English, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), and Korean.

Thoughtful Translations: The last few pages summarize all foods & shapes into a concise study sheet, including different regional translations for concepts known by different names in different countries. Strawberries, for example, can be called Fresas in Mexico or Frutillas in Chile. Likewise, in Mandarin Chinese, both WǔJiǎoXíng and Wǔ Biān Xíng can refer to a Pentagon.

Pronunciation Help: Both Chinese Pinyin and Korean Romanization are included to help sound out words using the Latin alphabet.

Growing into Global Citizens: Inspired by his own multicultural family, David Ming wrote his multilingual book series to bring together children, parents, and grandparents across cultures and generations. His hope is for multilingual books to make story time more inclusive and fun for everyone. Whether teaching your children your mother tongue or encouraging bilingual/trilingual flexibility, this book is for you.

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