Tokyo Maze – 42 Walks in and around the Japanese Capital: A Guide with 108 Photos, 48 Maps, 300 Weblinks and 100 Tips (Japan Travel Guide Series Book 1) (English Edition)

翻訳 Jane Riester
Tokyo Maze – 42 Walks is no ordinary travel guide. The author is no stranger to Japan either, having spent over 25 years visiting the country as a student, on work assignments and as a writer. He even lived in Tokyo for five years. Alongside all the main attractions, this guide takes you to places which don’t get a mention elsewhere. The information included in the guide is fully up to date. He returned from his most recent in-depth research trip in January 2019.

Inside the guide:
42 complete walking tours to 500 sights in and around Tokyo.
• Each itinerary begins and ends at a railway or subway station.
• Recommend lunch-break and coffee-stop for each walk.
48 area maps reliably steer the visitor through the maze of Tokyo streets.
108 photos offer first impressions.
• Over 100 insider tips aid readers in their pre-trip preparations and during their stay.
350 bookmarks enable travellers to access additional information on the Internet.
• A calendar shows at a glance which festivals are taking place at any given time.
Personal Top 10 tips on architecture, observation points, parks and gardens, shopping streets and malls, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, fine arts and other museums, showrooms, theatres, temples and shrines.
Online maps are available for half of the tours, featuring additional tips on accommodation, shopping, and food and drink.

Regardless of whether you come to Japan on a package holiday or under your own steam or if you’re even planning to live in Tokyo for a while, this guide will enrich your stay.