KETOSIS STRIPS USERS GUIDE: Quick & Easy Users Guide to Perfectly Measure the levels of Ketones in your Urine & Blood (English Edition)

Learn How to Accurately Measure the Levels of Ketones in Your Urine

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Many people following the ketogenic diet want to be in ketosis. For this reason, people are curious about whether they are doing enough (via carb restriction) to achieve this state. As a result, ketone strips are a popular tool that numerous people use as a way of measuring ketosis.

This book unveils everything you need to know about ketosis strips and how to be in ketosis. Here is a preview:

•What are ketone strips
•Testing ketone levels
•Keto adaptation and urine ketone testing
•Blood testing for ketones
•The accuracy of keto strips
•Signs and symptoms that you are in ketosis
•How to interpret ketone results accurately
•Reasons you are not experiencing weight loss in ketosis
•Much, much, more!

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