keto diet bread: The Complete Guide for Low-Carb Recipes Don’t Give Up on Taste You Lose Weight by Eating Healthy (English Edition)

Are you looking for keto bread recipes with exact macronutrients? If yes, i have something for you ...
Would you like to know exactly how many carbohydrates, proteins, fats and calories are in your keto bread? I guess yes ...
For this I have prepared for you 117 healthy and tasty recipes of bread, biscuits, sweets and sandwiches that you can safely place in your diet, why? Because for each recipe I have listed the precise number of macronutrients expressed in grams so you can choose which recipe is right for you.
From today you will know the true energy value of the bread you eat, this will help you to better follow a keto lifestyle and to reach your goal.
You too can start cooking your new low-carb recipes comfortably at home by purchasing the printed version, so you will get a free Kindle version and you will always have your new low-carb recipes with you.