Unbelievable Pictures and Facts About Iran (English Edition)


Smart Kids Presents… Iran- Unbelievable Pictures and Facts About Iran.

what type of landscape do they have in Iran?

Are there strict laws in Iran?

In this book you will explore the wonders of Iran, finding the answers to these questions and so many more. Complete with incredible pictures to keep even the youngest of children captivated, you will all embark on a little journey into the great unknown.

In school our children aren’t taught in a way that makes them curious and wants to learn. I want to change that!

This book will show your children just how interesting the world is and help ignite a passion for learning.

Your children will learn how to:

  1. Become curious about the world around them.

  2. Find motivation to learn.

  3. Use their free time to discover more about the world-and have fun while doing so!

And much more!