What did you say? (English Edition)

編集 Tazmeen Rukhsana Tajmul Rizwan , はしがき Dr. Tajmul Rizwan Tajudin
Based on a true story, Rui and Ray are identical twins. Unlike Rui, Ray has Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD). A distinct type of hearing loss, where there is a problem with the transmission of sound along the nerve. Due to limited resources where she lives, Ray and her family have to relocate from their home to another country; far, far away.
Will Ray start talking like her twin? Will she be able to go to the same school as Rui? Will Rui's friends befriend and play with Ray?
This story depicts how, being a differently-abled child, Ray faces the challenges as she tries to adjust in a normal school environment. With its colorful illustrations, this book aims to create awareness of hearing impairment, entertain the readers and support families experiencing similar situations.