unfading daydream, issue 9: possession (October 2019) (English Edition)

Unfading Daydream is a twice yearly literary magazine that was founded in 2017 by LL Lemke and Adelei Wade. The two have been drawn to speculative fiction since they were young and wanted to create another place for those genres to shine.

Issue 9 features 12 incredible speculative fiction stories. From the warnings from a ouija board to a man changed returning from war, these stories are sure to entertain.

Featured stories are by Justin Alcala, Paula Cappa, JR Gerhsen-Siegel, Sam Hicks, Damien Krsteski, Madison McSweeney, Cate Millican, David Rogers, A.J. Rutherford, Rachel Schuetz, Massimo Soumare, and Todd Zack.