When did love end? (Awareness Book 1) (English Edition)

Then the human full of confidence said -“I want to know what will happen if love one day gives up. What will happen after so much struggle in defense of truth, forgiveness and generosity? What will happen when the times comes, when there is so much boasting and so much selfishness that they hurt so much. Would it suddenly expire? Is it possible that love dies? And would everything be over?”His questionings sounded so sad and fearful, as if at that moment all the doctrine he had received would have been in vain.

But Love with tenderness, saw him, and knew what was moving the human’s heart and he said in a low but clear voice -“Do you want to know if love will die? -” Yes! I want to know what will happen when generosity ends, when my fellows, absorbed by selfishness and petty sentiments, retain for themselves all the goods of this world, more than what’s necessarily permitted. When their hearts depart from the most beautiful, most important to share with generosity and goodness the good fruits that give us happiness, which makes hearts smile sincerely and with freedom. When my cocky fellows only come to venerate the insatiable ego. Who will reign in their wombs and then leave them hungry and naked of everything and everyone? What will happen when they satisfy their excessive vanity and cannot leave even a small place for true love?