Day of When (Days of Wonder Series # 2) (English Edition)

イラスト Arambage Priyadarshanie
Christopher Philips is known for spreading all over the world the joys of philosophical inquiry to 'children of all ages' -- anyone and everyone who has a passion for asking 'Why? Why? Why?' to their hearts' content. And, for that matter, he also sparks in us an unquenchable passion for asking "When? When? When?" With "Day of When," Christopher, founder of the global Socrates Cafe and Philosophers' Club movement (, follows up his critically praised philosophical children's book, "Day of Why " with whimsical yet timeless "When?" questions. These puzzlers include: "When can you miss someone you’ve never met? When do you say something you know you’ll regret? When do you dive into questions that are deep? When do you face fears that give you the creeps?" In this 'Days of Wonder' series, Christopher aims to inspire all who delve into these questions to continue exploring the world in ways that forever open our imaginative, rational and empathic lenses to new ways of seeing, being, doing and making. By encouraging us to think in a dazzling array of colors, Christopher also opens up new pathways of communication between and among children, youth and adults, including but not limited to their parents and teachers. Happy Day of When!